How to download apps on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Tablet is an Android-based operating system. This makes it pretty easy to install Android apps on your tablet, but some ways are easier than others. Below are some easy methods to know about How to download apps on Kindle Fire.

  1. Android apps thorough Android APK installer files
  2. Android app thro\ugh Play store

Android apps thorough Android APK installer files

This method involves downloading Android APK installer files and installing them directly. In this method, apps are installed directly through apk files which you can download from anywhere. We can be defined apk files which are files that Android uses to install apps, similar to .exe files in Windows. To download apk files all you have to do is to change the device settings so you can install apps from outside Amazon’s app store. Please follow these steps:

  • go into the app section of your Kindle Fire device and then open the settings
  • Select the option security and then enable the option says as ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’

Search for the apps on the web

As by default, the app from outside options are blocked we enable the option ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’. When this is done you can search for the app on the web. Like you can search for the ap files on the websites like APK mirror.  A website like this you can find numerous apps of your interest. Each APK is scanned to verify they’re safe. If you download from this website then the if any old app is there in your Kindle and you are downloading the same then old version is archived and so you can find the version that works for your device. This particularly is useful for the Kindle owners since the latest version of Fire OS is based on the older Android Lollipop.

Using APK downloader to download the app on Kindle Fire from Play store

With AP downloader you can download apk of the app from Google server and load it on your Kindle Fire device. This web app tool requires you to enter the URL of the app (which you want to download)on the Play Store, after “id=”. After this, this tool generates a download link. Remember this is not a piracy tool, it only works for the free apps. However, if you need to move an app over to a device without an internet connection, or want to try it on a phone that’s not officially supported, this can help.

To use the APK downloader tool go to the play store listing on the web and notice the app’s package name from the address bar that you can find look like similar to com.xxxx.xxxx. THen you can download the APK file from the option. Generate Download Link. Transfer the apk file to your Kindle device and then you can install the apk file to download the app.

Extract APK file( also called app setup file) from your Android phone and transfer it to your Kindle Fire

Most of the apps are paid and APK extracting tool would not work on them. But you can do it by yourself. In this case, your if you have an Android phone, that comes handy. You can use the backup tools like Astro file manager. Astro file manager creates a backup for the apps which are already installed on your phone. Download the Astro file manager app on your phone. After done so, go to the app which you want on your Kindle Fire device.

Slide out the left-hand navigation panel Astro and tap the tools icon, tap App Mgr, and choose the app you want to move to your Kindle. Next, tap Backup. This will create a copy of the APK file on your phone in a folder labeled “backups.” Copy the backed up file to your Kindle and open it to install it. When you are done with the downloading the APK file you will see a notification saying that download is complete. Select on it and tap on install.

Install Google play store

If you are thinking in long-term then Google play store is the best choice. to do this you need to enable the option to enable developer options. For this go to the Kindle Fire home screen. Scroll down and select the setting option. After this select the device options. Now select the serial number seven times. When successfully done a pop-up window will open generally saying “You are now a developer!” A new menu will open. Beneath the Serial Number Developer options menu will appear so select it. Now select the option ‘Enable ADB.

Next, you need to have ADB tool installed on your Windows PC. Find the RootJunky SuperTool you downloaded earlier. Now connect your Kindle Fire tablet to your Pc with micro USB cable. Now Extract the contents of the SuperTool .zip file to their own folder. After this open the batch file named 1-Install-Play-Store in the SuperTool folder. When the program is done with installing you can see the menu like above. Now Type 1 for “ADB driver install” and press Enter. confirm if your ADB is working. to test Type 2 for “ADB driver test”. If the status shows fail then type 1 for “ADB driver install” to install the necessary drivers on your PC to connect ADB with your Fire tablet.

When you are done, you will be automatically returned to the main menu. Now type 2 for “Install Google Play store and remove ads from the lock screen.” When you are done restart your device immediately. Now you will be able to see the play store already listed on your app section. When you will be using play store first time and using it to download the app you’ll get a notification to download that as well. Once that’s finished, you can download any app from the store just like it’s a normal Android device.

Install apps without rooting

  • in the first step change the Kindle Fire tablet installation permission.  TO install app we have to use Android App APK Files. Open your Kindle Fire tablet and go to Settings >  Security > Apps from Unknown Sources > Turn On > Click OK on Warning.

Now download and install APK files on your Amazon Fire Tablet. For this, we need four APK files required to download and install on Amazon Tablet. Your Kindle Fire tablet have by default browser called Silk browser.  Click on these link and APk files will download automatically.

Please download and install all these four files in the same order provided here. (if you miss any order or file to install, then follow the steps below).

  1. Google Account Manager APK
  2. Google Services Framework APK
  3. Google Play Services APK
  4. Google Play Store APK

When you will click on these files the files will start downloading automatically. After each file finishes downloading a pop up will display saying this type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep ……. Click on OK. and files will download on your Kindle Fire. Be aware that the downloading must be in the same order as mentioned above.

  • In Amazon Fire has the app Docs. You will find all the downloaded PK files in the download folder of Kindle Fire. After downloading all four files, open the Docs App > Tap on Local Storage Tab > Download Folder > See All downloaded files. There is also an alternative option to find the downloaded APK files, Open the Amazon Fire default browser, called as Silk Browser. Tap on Hamburger Menu on the Top left to get Amazon Silk Menu > Downloads. Now you can see all the download files over there.
  • When you will find the downloaded PK files in your KIdle Fire tablet locate them as install them one by one in an order you download them in order. When you will tap on them you will see a screen with install button on bottom right. Tap on INSTALL to install these APK files on Fire tablet.
  • When the installation of each AP file is complete then you can check the installed App on Amazon Fire App Section. To do this Open Fire Tablet Settings > Apps& Games > Manage All Applications > Downloaded. You can see all Android Apps installed on the Fire Tablet using the APK files.
  • After this in final step open the Google play store and register on your Google Account to start with Google Play Store. Once you register the Google Play Store, you can install any Android Apps