Kindle Fire won’t turn on & ways to Fix

There are multiple reasons which cause the issue Kindle Fire won’t turn on and luckily there are many ways to quickly determine the source of Kindle Fire won’t turn on and fix the Kindle Fire won’t turn on. To fix the issue Kindle Fire won’t turn on please follow below-mentioned measures to fix Kindle Fire won’t turn on:

Kindle fire won't turn on (fix)

Verify the Battery status

Sometimes we think that the battery is charged so let’s use the Kindle Fire. But Kindle Fire won’t turn on. Don’t think Kindle is charged even you think it is.

Check the battery and plug the Kindle fire to a power source and leave it for a few moments. Now after a half an hour please check if the battery is charging. Also check the charging cable of Kindle Fire. If after plugging the Kindle into power source there is no charging then check the cable with another device. If necessary please replace the charging cord.

Reset the Kindle Fire

As technical as it sounds so is to easy. After following above mentioned checking battery status and Still facing the issue and your Kindle Fire won’t turn on then it simply means your Kindle Fire and battery needs a reset. Here is how you can do it:

  • First of all, please disconnect the Kindle from power source/charger. Now locate the power button. Press this power button. Hold the power button for the next 20 seconds.
  • After holding the power button for 20 seconds, release it
  • Again Press the power button.

Still facing after reset, Follow this:

  • In this keep the device in your hands and remember don’t plug it into a power socket. Now press the Power button and keep it in for 20 seconds
  • In next step, plug the Kindle Fire into the power source or connect it with charger, keep the power on of power socket as if you are charging it.
  • Now release the power button, now press again the power button. Now check if the Kindle Fire is charging.

Replace the Kindle Fire battery if necessary

If in case you had followed all the above options to fix your Kindle Fire, there are chances that your Kindle Fire simply needs a battery replaced. Although you had followed the above measures but it may the case that you need an expert technician help. We are going to help you with this issue and deliver the most suitable solution. Get in touch with one of our experts at any time to have a properly working Kindle Fire device. If it’s a too hassle for you to follow steps to fix Kindle Fire won’t turn on then, Just call and let our dedicated staff assist you.  our tech support offers the best Kindle support. (Tollfree 888-700-7068)

Fix Kindle Fire by opening Kindle Fire

It may sound much of technical but still if you are determined, follow these steps:

  • In the first step, Push a plastic opening tool between the two panels and slide it all along the edge to separate them by releasing clips. Now separate the back case from the Kindle Fire.
  • Now push the edge of the opening tool in between the battery and the front case. You will see that the Kindle Fire battery is glued and secured. So to loosen the battery, you need to push the tool underneath the battery and loosen it
  • There you will see two battery cells, lift them and along with it remove the battery connector from its socket. Slide the two cells out of its casing and place the new battery into the Kindle Fire’s casing with putting the battery connector to its socket.
  • In the last step please close the device and also verify if the clips are holding the two parts together again

Other Reasons why Kindle Fire won’t turn on (Fix)

  • Remove the power source supply and then press and hold power button enough 20 seconds and release. Don’t mind any information appeared on the screen. Restart your Kindle Fire after your device entirely closed. In the newer generation of Kindle, you will find Restart” option in setting option. Tap this option and Kindle will reboot. If in case Kindle doesn’t have enough power to complete rebooting then plug it in power source to few hours until Kindle can restart.
  • Most of the usage or rare use results in Kindle battery too low to power on. When Kindle display very low battery information or power is empty also causes Kindle not open. And you must charge Kindle a few hours then later you can open it.To fix the issue Empty battery keep the Kindle to power on, press and hold power button 30 seconds then release and plug in a computer or a charger immediately. Leave it alone and a few hours later you will discover Kindle is charging again. When Kindle has enough power it will restart. And you can allow it to charge full power. It is possible that you would not succeed in the first attempt, you must try another three to four times and you will succeed after another few attempts.
  • you must try several times and hours to charge. plug the Kindle device into the AC adaptor. Please be noted that don’t charge the Kindle via plugging it into your computer. This would not fix the issue. Also, verify when you plug the Kindle device into the AC adaptor that the charging light is lit on Kindle. If you find that the Light is not lit on Kindle then Unplug and replug until the light stays on steadily, then leave it alone. It happens when a drained Kindle will stop charging a few seconds after you plug it in. After a few moments when you will check the Kindle, it will be restored.
  • connect the Kindle to charging port and leave it there. When it is charging don’t use it or turn it on. Charging a few hours later Kindle may be live.
  • Always make sure to pick the charging cable matching with your Kindle charging port. Also, check the charging cable of our Kindle with other devices if the cable is fine or defective. This will also warm the USB jack which helps to charge Kindle.Sometimes the USB jack of the cable is loose, this could be easily fixed as you can give the jack a little pressure, then charging indicator light be on. If you find it troublesome then you can also repair the cable or just replace another one or buy a new cable. Also, the broken cable could be fixed with a repairing shop or you can replace it with a newer one.
  • Always use the power adaptor matched with your Kindle device. It is always advised to buy a power adaptor from Amazon.If in case you want to use another power adaptor but not from Amazon then please check back of your Kindle, then you will see relevant information about voltage and electric current. Change the power adaptor as per the Kindle device.
  • Sometimes when you adjust the brightness and /volume level can get Kindle to charge. Well, no one knows why this method works but surely it is effective. To do this locate the brightness setting. If Kindle has the automatic brightness button then turn it off. Adjust the brightness to the lowest level. Then open automatic brightness again.By doing so you will find that the Kindle is charging. When Kindle is fully charged you can turn brightness level to which you want. If there has a volume button of your Kindle such as Kindle Fire, then you can turn the voice down then Kindle may charge normally.
  • If None of the above methods works for you then you can reset KIndle to factory default settings. To do this go into the Kindle setting options, enter device information option, then you can see reset device option. Select it your Kindle will be reset. Please remember that the setting the Kindle to its factory default setting will change your Kindle to be brand new. After this, there will be no saved data and you will lose saved files of your device. And you must have to re-download previous apps, books or personality customization. Register your Amazon account and your books still be there.
  • When you see that the battery may show to discharge very slowly and later rest of battery indicator decrease quickly but no change in using your Kindle device usage. This means there is a problem with synchronization.To fix the Kindle battery synchronization, first off the Kindle and then plug the Kindle into the power supply. Leave the Kindle to charger more than 4 hours or overnight. While charging please don’t touch any button or using it. Unplug the power supply and open Kindle. After this use your Kindle device until the battery status shows left 15% power and close it. Now again charge the Kindle. After this, you will see the Kindle battery shows steady and no abnormity.

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