Kindle For PC/ Kindle App for PC

If you love to read ebooks but do not have a Kindle Device; Don’t worry we have it covered. Now you can read your favorite ebooks on your Computer with Kindle App. As Kindle For PC is available. Here is the process to download Kindle App for PC or Kindle for PC:

Kindle for PC


Download Kindle App for PC/ Kindle for PC

To download Kindle for PC, open your web browser on your computer and in the search bar type Kindle app for PC. Here you will visit the Amazon website and from here download the app for the Kindle. After getting the link to download Kindle for Pc, click on the link and let the app to be downloaded on your computer. You will get the set of instruction to be followed to download them and install Kindle app for PC.

Click on App icon after downloading

When you see that the downloading has been finished, open the downloaded programme. Locate the app downloaded file and double-click it. After it, the downloaded file will open on your computer. Also, it may be possible that  You might also be prompted to open the app directly after installing it.

Sign in Kindle App

When the app is fully installed; click on the app icon and open it. Now login into the Amazon account. Enter your registered email address and password and click on option sign in using our secure server to log in.

To register Kindle for PC, open the app icon and from there click on tools and after that click on options. after this make selection for registration and for this click on options. In the left navigation menu click on registration and after that click on option Register. There you will be asked to enter your Amazon account information. Enter your Amazon account login information and then click on Register.

Download the ebook

On the left side of the app in your cloud, you will find three sections namely items, Downloaded items, and Archived items. You can download any book from your cloud which is Archived and stored in the cloud and marked by a cloud icon in the bottom right corner. To download a book from your Cloud, simply double-click on the book cover. Also, you have the option to right-click and select “Download” to do that.

Open the downloaded ebook to read on PC

To read the downloaded book on your PC please Double-click on the title of an e-book in your desktop library to open that book. Now you can read it on your personal computer. Please note that the Kindle for PC applications running a software version below 1.14.0 will not support the app. If in case you are having an operating system which is not compatible with Kindle for PC app like Windows RT, you have an option to read from your computer with Kindle Cloud Reader.

Download Kindle App for Mac/ Kindle for Mac

To download Kindle for Mac, open your web browser on your computer and in the search bar type Kindle app for Mac. Here you will visit the Amazon website and from here download the app for the Kindle. After getting the link to download Kindle for Mac, click on the link and let the app to be downloaded on your computer. You will get the set of instruction to be followed to download them and install Kindle app for Mac.

Register the Kindle app for Mac

In order to register the Kindle app for Mac, please make sure that your device is connected to a wireless or data network. Now locate the downloaded Kindle app file and double-click on it. In your Mac please tap the Kindle app icon. After this Enter your Amazon account information and tap on login. Here you will see that your Kindle content appears in the Library. Also, you can change or update your registration and for that tap More and then tap Settings after this tap Registration and then tap Deregister this Kindle.

Features of Kindle app for Mac

In order to use the Kindle app for Mac please make sure that you are using the Mac computer running OS X 10.9.5 or higher. The new Kindle App for Mac includes the below-mentioned feature:

  • The Kindle App has six new fonts including Caecilia, Palatino, Baskerville, Helvetica, Helvetica Light, and Lucida) in the Aa (Fonts) menu.
  • Now the Kindle app users have an access to new Column Reading Options where they can now choose to read with a one-column view, two-column view, or multi-column view.
  • Also, the user of Kindle app in Mac have access to features like the viewer for images, math equations, and footnotes – You can now enlarge and view images, MathML (mathematical markup language), and footnotes. This all includes to Double-click images and math equations to open them in the viewer. To view and enlarge a footnote, tap the desired footnote. To close the viewer, use the exit icon in the upper right corner of the viewer window.
  • A Kindle app user in Mac can now split the Mac screen to read while using other applications on your Mac running Mac OS X 10.11 or above.
  • The Kindle App for Mac includes a feature like Improved support for Magic Mouse gestures and General performance improvements.

Note: in order to confirm that your app is operating on the latest version, select Kindle, then About Kindle on your Kindle for Mac app.

Note: Kindle for Mac applications running a software version below 1.14.0 is no longer supported. In order to keep using and reading ebook content on your Kindle app, you can easily download and install for free the latest version of the Kindle for Mac. If you are running an operating system that is not compatible with the Kindle app, users can have access to e-reading from your computer with Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle for Android

you can download Kindle app for android which is freely available on play store. You can Search for Kindle on Google Play and tap Kindle icon to install. You can also download the app from the Amazon’s website. To do this open the browser and open the Amzzon website. There scroll down and see all department option to be selected. then go to apps for android and after that go into the apps option. There input the Kindle for Android and tap on Go. And in final tap Kindle for Android app and select “Get from Amazon Appstore”.

Download and install Kindle app on Android

Now download & install Amazon Appstore app. In next step please register the app with your Amazon account. After this, you need to download Kindle for Android app with Amazon Appstore.

Download Kindle app for Android from the browser

If you do not want to download Kindle app from Amazon you can also do this with your inbuilt browser in your Android device. Al you have to do is to Launch the browser on the device and search for “Kindle for android apk download”. After this when you find the download link please Click the Download button on the download page. You can always check the downloading progress of app with the option available at the top of your Android device screen and for that slide down from the top of the display. Tap the file to install the app when the downloading is over.

When the installation is complete you will be asked to register the app if you are running the app first time over your Android device. When the Kindle app is registered on an Android device, you will automatically get the access to all the previously purchased Kindle books (under the same account which you was using before for Amazon) will be synced under the “Archive” category automatically, also the all saved notes, highlights and the furthest reading page (only for purchased books) due to Amazon Kindle’s whispersync technology.

You don’t need to download your Kindle books manually. You can Select the title of the e-book and it will be downloaded to the device at once. Also in case you are not existing Amazon user then you can Create an Amazon account (free) if you don’t have one yet.

In case you want to purchase a new ebook under your Android device all you have to is to open the Amazon website. To do this open your Amazon account and log in there. After login Tap “Store” icon on Kindle app. To get the free ebooksInput “free book” and tap “GO”. There will be a collection of $0 books displayed.

Under the above section browse through available ebook options and after the finding the interesting option to select one book you are interested with. Here you will get the option “Buy Now with 1-Click”, then “Read it Now”, the book will be downloaded to your device immediately. Tap “Dismiss” the “Reading Tips”(A pop-up window for first-time ebook users). Now you read the downloaded ebook on your android device.