How to Setup a Kindle Fire

To setup a Kindle Fire you need to Follow these steps:-

  • In order to connect to a WiFi Network choose your WiFi name From Network list, and tap an available network.

kindle reset

  • Kindle Fire connects to the WiFi network (you may need to enter a password and then tap Connect to access an available Wireless Network network) and then displays the Time Zone screen.
  • Tap to select a time zone from the list provided and tap on continue
  • For countries other than united states tap more and choose from the provided list tap back button in the bottom left corner to return to the time zone screen
  • Register your kindle With screen that appears, enter your e mail address and password for the appropriate fields
  • you can deselect your password doesn’t appear on your screen as you type it it protect your password from prying eyes
  • If you don’t have an amazon account, click the new to amazon and  create an account
  • This link takes you to create amazon account on screen entering your email address and password which you have to retype to confirm.

kindle setup

  • Enter the information and tap continue.
  • complete registration, if you want to read the terms of registration tap by registering you Agree to all of terms found here link when you finish reading the terms tap the close button to return the registration screen
  • A final screen appears saying welcome to kindle fire: Hello<YOUR Name>. There’s also a link labeled not <YOUR Nama>? if,for some reason you aren’t you (for example you may have entered your account information incorrectly),tap the NOT <Your Name> link to change your information
  • Connecting to the Internet, Your Kindle should have come with a USB cable with which you can connect your new device to a computer or a USB charging port to start charging your battery. Power adapters for your Kindle are sold separately, but will charge your Fire HD more quickly than a USB charger. Charge your Fire
  • Access the Welcome wireless connection screen after charging.
  • Now that your device is fully charged, you can press the power button at the bottom of your Fire HD to wake the device from sleep mode or turn it on from being off. Then you’ll see:
  • A slide bar which you should tap, hold, and slide right to left to unlock your Kindle.
  • A screen with the heading “Welcome,” followed by a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Select your network, enter your password and hit the confirmation button.

How to Reset Kindle Fire

To Reset your Kindle Fire simply follow these steps:

Before you Start ,You should take a Backup of your Kindle Content So you can Restore them on the Same or Other Kindle Compatible Devices.

Important notice : Because a factory reset of your kindle fire device will remove any content you have downloaded to your a tablet, make sure to back up your personal content to your computer first. You’ll still be able to download your Amazon purchases from the Cloud on compatible devices and applications.Individual app settings, game progress, or in-app items may be lost by resetting. Check with the app developer for more details on their app policies before resetting your Fire tablet.

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To reset your Fire tablet: 

  • Swipe down from the top of your Kindle screen and tap on  Settings.
  • Tap on Device Options, and then tap on Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Tap Reset to confirm the reset process of your Kindle Fire device.