Troubleshooting for kindle wifi setup


In order to do the troubleshooting for Kindle wifi setup, here are some simple tricks that will do magic for you:

troubleshooting for kindle wifi setup

Reboot your Kindle

As technical as this sound, so is this simple. To do the troubleshooting for Kindle wifi setup, first, reboot your Kindle. TO do so, first switch off your Kindle device. You can do this when you hold the power button for 5–6 seconds. Now, after some time, switch it on and then try to connect. This is the first step to do troubleshooting for Kindle wifi setup.

Reset the router

If above mentioned of doing the rebooting your Kindle does not fix the issue, then don’t panic. We have a second solution to do the troubleshooting for Kindle wifi setup. Try resetting the router. To do the troubleshooting for Kindle wifi setup, first, change the IP address of your router from DHCP to static IP address. It is quite easy. All you have to do is to simply turn off the router and clearing all the DHCP records on your internet router. This trick will do the work and work in long to do troubleshooting for Kindle wifi setup.

Reset to factory default settings

In case both of the above methods like resetting the router and rebooting the Kindle does not work for you. Then there is a sure shot way to fix the issue and will work for doing the troubleshooting for Kindle wifi setup. It is seen that that most of the issues arising in mobile phones and tablets can be fixed by restoring your device’s factory settings. This trick will work for your Kindle as well. If you will reset your Kindle to factory default settings then you will be able to connect Kindle to wifi successfully.

Update the Kindle software

On several times, Amazon keeps on updating its Kindle software versions. So if in case you have not checked the new version of your respective Kindle software then now is the time to do so as it might fix your Wi-Fi problem. You can simply update the operating system manually from manage kindle device option within your Kindle settings.

Call Kindle customer support

If all above does not work for you then its time to call a reliable technical Kindle support. We know what it takes to get your Kindle Fire back to its normalcy. Many times your Kindle can face several issues. But fear not, we have your back Call our Technical experts who are a reliable support for all your Kindle issues. The process to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above, but if Wi-Fi issues still remain as it is, then you can contact us in person anytime you want.

troubleshooting for Kindle Wifi issues

Before fixing the issue of wifi setup, first of all, please diagnose the issue, which is the root cause of the problem. Identifying the issue automatically the do the half work done and rest of the fixing the problem will be easy. So to identify the root cause of wifi setup issue for your Kindle please refer below-mentioned steps:

Doing the diagnose for the wifi issues

  • In the first step please check if the Other devices in your home can connect to your network. If they can’t connect, you may need to contact your Internet service provider.
  • In the second step please see if your Kindle is in Airplane mode. Sometimes it is switched on by mistakenly touching the icon and sometimes we switch it on and then forget to switch it off when in need. So To check, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Wireless. If Airplane Mode is On, tap Off to enable wireless connectivity.
  • Please make sure that if the password for the network has been changed, then you had updated your Kindle wifi password and also check if you know the password and entering the same password which case sensitive. If you’ve forgotten or don’t know your Wi-Fi password, you may need to refer to your router manufacturer or Internet service provider.
  • On several times, Amazon keeps on updating its Kindle software versions. So if in case you have not checked the new version of your respective Kindle software then now is the time to do so as it might fix your Wi-Fi problem. Please check that Your device is on the latest software version. You can install the latest software version wirelessly if you’re able to connect to a more stable network, or download and transfer the software update to your device via USB.

ways to Fix the wifi issues in Kindle

  • The first step to do the troubleshooting is to Restart your Wi-Fi connection on your device. To do this, first Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Wireless, and then tap Wi-Fi. Next to Wi-Fi, tap Off, then tap On.
  • Another way is to restart the device. All you have to do is to Press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds or till the time the device restarts automatically. If your device restarts automatically before 40 seconds have passed then, in that case, release the Power button. There are chances that your Kindle device would not restart automatically, If your device does not automatically restart after 40 seconds, press the Power button to turn it on.
  • If possible please Move closer to your router. From your device, check if you can connect to your Wi-Fi network. If your network doesn’t appear in the list, tap Scan from the Wi-Fi menu. If you still don’t see your preferred network, you can add it manually to your device. To do so please refer below-mentioned steps:

Your Kindle device is programmed to scan the all available networks, Wi-Fi networks and wireless hotspots that broadcast their network name automatically. We all know that some of these are open for everyone to join, while others require a password to connect. You can connect your Kindle Fire to your home Wi-Fi network, public Wi-Fi networks, and some enterprise private networks. To do so please refer these steps:

  1. First of all, Swipe down from the top of the screen to show Quick Settings, and then tap Wireless.
  2. After this please Verify that Airplane Mode is Off. Next step goes to Wi-Fi and taps On.
  3. In next step move further and Tap a network to connect to it. If you see a lock iconimage of lock icon 
				, a network password is required. Enter the Wi-Fi network password, and then tap Connect.
  4. When you see that the when connecting to a Wi-Fi network, your Kindle Fire automatically connects to the network again when it’s in range. In case if there are more than one network is in range, your Kindle Fire automatically connects to the last network used. 
  • Please verify the router channel. Check if your wireless router is set to use a Wi-Fi channel from 1 to 11. Also Please refer to your Internet service provider, if they provided your wireless router, or the router manufacturer, for additional help.
  • Another thing is to do is to Restart your router and modem. To restart you can Unplug your modem and router, After the unplugging, wait a full 30 seconds, and then plug the modem in. After your modem turns on, plug in your router and wait for it to turn on.

A quick and right way to set up a wireless connection on Kindle

Most of the wif issues arise because there is a lack of knowledge regarding doing the setup for connection Kindle device. So here we are guiding you to do the right and easy way to do the set up wireless connection on Kindle.

To set up the wireless connection on your Kindle please refer below-mentioned steps:

  1. In the first step of doing the set up of the wireless connection on your Kindle, First of all, Press the Home button, and when pressed the home button on your Kindle, then press the Menu button.
  2. After following the first step, move further and Navigate to Settings by moving the 5-way controller down, and then press the 5-way controller to select.
  3. In the third step fo doing the set up of the wireless connection on your Kindle, Select view next to Wi-Fi Settings to display a list of detected Wi-Fi networks. Your Kindle id programmed in such a way that it automatically scans for available Wi-Fi networks at periodic intervals. To rescan for available networks at any time, select rescan. Please note that If in case wireless is currently turned off, you will be asked if you want to switch it on. So Click “OK” to do so.
  4. Further, Locate your wireless network name (SSID). For Windstream’s modem, the wireless network name is located on the back of the router next to SSID. If your wireless router has its wireless radio broadcasting its Wi-Fi network (most have this by default, including Windstream’s modem), you should see your router’s SSID listed on the list of networks.
  5. Now Select your wireless network’s SSID.
  6. In last step check If your wireless router requires a key or password, the below prompt should appear. This password is also located on the back of the router, next to Network/Security Key. Type in the key/password and then tap Join.

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